Entangled worlds & sonic stories that connect us

When ideas for the Sonic Territories series first seeded on the back of a 2017 work created with Hamburg-based artist, Didi Hock, I never imagined it would grow into something with as much potential as it has. Simple ideas have grown into powerful concepts. The Sonic Territories projects are centred on listening and sound — samplingContinue reading “Entangled worlds & sonic stories that connect us”

Listening to connect

Written by Kim V. Goldsmith Eyes closed, breath soft, body relaxed, our ears are tucked inside headphones directing sounds from the microphone on the metal wall, into our bodies. Cavernous, reverberating thrums pulse, twang and groan as the wind and movements in the soil beneath the converted shipping container play the structure like an instrument.Continue reading “Listening to connect”

Making the familiar, unfamiliar

Challenging and changing the way we think about our art practices By Kim V. Goldsmith, lead artist and Inhalare project coordinator When the idea for Inhalare/ breathe upon was first floated, I never imagined it would be as challenging and intriguing as it has become. The challenge has been to learn quickly about accessibility and what thatContinue reading “Making the familiar, unfamiliar”

Mosses and Marshes: Creative Engagement with Wetlands

By Andrew Howe and Kim V. Goldsmith As published by ClimateCultures, 27 April 2022 ClimateCultures is a network of over 200 artists, curators & researchers in many countries, including across the UK and other parts of Europe, as well as in North America, Australia, and India. Andrew Howe and Kim V. Goldsmith are members ofContinue reading “Mosses and Marshes: Creative Engagement with Wetlands”

Hear me, feel me, taste me

Creating multiple points of connection to our backyard environments Kim V. Goldsmith, lead artist and Inhalare project coordinator During 2021’s COVID lockdowns and periods of self-imposed isolation, I walked my back paddock several times each week, often photographing or videoing these walks on my phone. Sometimes I made sound recordings with a binaural headset. TheContinue reading “Hear me, feel me, taste me”

Values. Voices. Action.

The artists’ response to the Mosses and Marshes International Panel Discussion In early November 2021, an international panel was convened to discuss the entangled in alternative ways of thinking about, understanding and valuing special environments. The goal was to determine if we needed to consider different ways to inform and shape the future of theContinue reading “Values. Voices. Action.”

Hearing the unheard

I recently observed the thread of a conversation on a Twitter post[1] by Professor Euan Ritchie[2] of Deakin University suggesting the ecological and conservation community needed to reflect deeply on ideas and narratives that had questionable outcomes for biodiversity. You could hear the frustration in the tone of Ritchie’s tweet and responses. His post andContinue reading “Hearing the unheard”

Simply start where you are when art-making is a crushing chore

Mosses and Marshes is now 10 days out from opening its first showing at Qube Gallery, Oswestery UK on 1 October. Since July, there’s been a growing intensity around the development of words, sounds, and images around this project, that’s had my UK collaborator Andrew Howe and me in daily communication. It’s the time for details.Continue reading “Simply start where you are when art-making is a crushing chore”

The solace of creativity in times of crisis

At 5pm on Saturday 14 August, the State of New South Wales went into a COVID-19-responsive lockdown. The regional City of Dubbo and its local government area had already been under stay at home orders for three days on the back of growing active COVID cases; the region’s Indigenous population dangerously exposed. Sydney, our StateContinue reading “The solace of creativity in times of crisis”

The necessity of ‘awkward silence’

The vision of ecoPULSE is to create a safe space to talk, share, think and plan a future that’s inclusive of all of us, human and more-than-human. ecoPULSE has an ambitious mission – Exploring regional futures through enquiry, creativity + connections. Creativity is fed by enquiry and connections help extend the ideas and conversations that evolve fromContinue reading “The necessity of ‘awkward silence’”

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