• Wyangala Dam e-water release, October 2020
  • Lachlan River below Wyangala Dam
ecoPulse project image River Red gum sapling Macquarie Marshes
Sonic Territories: Galari, 2020/21

Sampling sounds (and video) from the headwaters of the Galari (Lachlan River) to the Great Cumbung Swamp, Sonic Territories: Galari builds a sonic narrative about the development of the river from pre-colonial to contemporary times.

Pulse of the Wetland, 2020/21

Pulse of the Wetland investigates the recovery of the Macquarie Marshes from prolonged drought and fire, presenting the findings not only to the communities who are invested and part of its ecology but an international audience. It builds on the work done over the past decade in previous projects, using a process of enquiry through research, community consultation, storytelling and observation.

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Mosses + Marshes, 2021/22

Mosses + Marshes spans two countries – the UK and Australia, both with Ramsar listed wetlands of international importance, and brings together artists, land managers and scientists to reimagine the future of these landscapes and the place they have in our communities.

Artists Andrew Howe (Shropshire, UK) and Kim V. Goldsmith (NSW, Australia) came together in 2018 as part of the international art programme, Arts Territory Exchange, having both worked for decades outside their practices in the natural resources and environment sector. They’re now exploring how they might present their work internationally.

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Eye of the Corvus hero image, 2019 Kim V. Goldsmith
Eye of the Corvus,

Eye of the Corvus: Messenger of Truth presents the landscape of rural NSW and remote Iceland from the perspective of corvids (ravens and crows), informed by scientific understandings, observations, field recordings, and folkloric Icelandic and Wiradjuri stories of the birds. As a project and resulting exhibition, it questions what might be revealed about the current state and future of our world.

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The Power of Sound, launched 2021

The Power of Sound is a 3-part course made up of a series of online and face-to-face workshops extending the idea of deep, active listening to the environment with the use of technology, and gaining a greater understanding of the use field recordings to create sound art, music, and soundtracks for videos.

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Little River Dreaming, video still from Perspectives Art Ecology exhibition by Kim V. Goldsmith
The Coming of Age Project, 2008/09 & 2014

The Coming of Age Project was an online forum of blog posts and video interviews exploring issues of art and ecology – in particular the value placed on the environment by communities of regional Australia. Through the project and resulting exhibition – Perspectives. Art. Ecology., it sought to paint a picture of what the environment may look like by 2030 in light of climate change. The community video interview component was revisited in 2014.

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