Story Maps

At ecoPULSE we believe storytelling is a powerful form of communication as old as human-kind — fostering inclusion and connection, rekindling memories, reshaping ideas, clarifying misconceptions, and crafting new futures. Stories reflect us and shape us. We collect stories to inform our projects, to become part of our projects, and to create an online archive that can be accessed from anywhere.

Pulse of the Wetland

Map symbols

Bill Masman, “Roumani” Carinda – former lessee of G-Block, dur: 6.11

Ebenezer Hayden, Warren – formerly of “Noonbah” Quambone and lessee of N-Block, dur: 4.16

Janice Hosking, birdwatcher, Dubbo, dur: 3.57

Kevin ‘Sooty’ Welsh, Wayilwan artist, Coonamble, dur: 6.18

Eric Fisher, Coonamble – formerly of “Wilgara” Quambone, dur: 10.06

Carollyn Fisher, Coonamble – formerly of “Wilgara” Quambone, dur: 3.44

Gillian Carter, Newcastle – formerly of Nevertire & author of The Macquarie Marshes: an ecological history, dur: 7.59

Tony Wass, Warren – formerly of “Mt. Foster” & trust holder of “Burrima”, dur: 9.00

David Duncan, Gin Gin, Macquarie Wetlands Association Inc., dur: 6.02

Kim V. Goldsmith, Dubbo – formerly of Coonamble & ecoPULSE artist, dur: 6.40