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ecoPULSE is a collection of investigative, ecology-centred, digital media projects led by Australian artist, Kim V. Goldsmith. These projects explore relationships with, responses to and narratives about our place in the natural world and within regional communities, wherever they may be.


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The changing environments of two of the world’s internationally recognised wetlands are under the microscope in an exciting collaboration between artists, land managers and environmental specialists in the UK and Australia. Titled Mosss + Marshes, exhibitions, a publication and public programming are now underway – see Events for more information.

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“Kim is an example of what regional arts should be, not art just made regionally, but art that questions and challenges regionality as a limitation, that sees in its extreme the opportunity to be revelatory.”


KIM V. GOLDSMITH‘s digital media and installation practice is informed by her former professional life as a print/radio journalist, farmer, and communications specialist. She has a deep love for the land and the life forms that depend upon it. Kim’s art practice of the past two decades has consistently explored the complexities of human relationships with the environment.

Kim has been developing the use of digital media and sensory installation techniques since 2008/09, when she first investigated the use of digital media as part of a collaborative social ecology project with Peter E. Charuk and Gail Naden, facilitated by the Western Plains Cultural Centre (Dubbo NSW). The resulting 2009 exhibition Perspectives. Art. Ecology., was a turning point in her practice.

Over the past decade, she has exhibited in curated solo and group shows, pop-up public events, and contemporary art festivals including Cementa 2015 and 2019Vivid Sydney’s Curve Ball event (2016), and Artlands 2016, and over the past four years, in international exhibitions with Arts Territory Exchange.

Pictured on the cliff tops at the base of the Skagi peninsula, along the east coast of the Húnaflói, Iceland in 2019

ecoPULSE Projects

Using a range of digital technologies, community consultations, research, storytelling and immersive installation, ecoPULSE Projects aim to consider and present new perspectives about the ecologies of rural and regional territories. We also love sharing our skills and knowledge. Our projects also include opportunities to learn from our artists and community experts.

Project updates


  • The power of the abstract
    Taking concrete ideas and making them abstract, or tangible values and pulling them apart to find the intangible, are processes my Mosses + Marshes partner Andrew Howe and I have been working through for the past two years. Research and reading copious pages of factual historical and scientific information on our respective wetland landscapes fuels the ideasContinue reading “The power of the abstract”
  • The necessity of ‘awkward silence’
    The vision of ecoPULSE is to create a safe space to talk, share, think and plan a future that’s inclusive of all of us, human and more-than-human. ecoPULSE has an ambitious mission – Exploring futures through enquiry, creativity + connections. Creativity is fed by enquiry and connections help extend the ideas and conversations that evolve from thatContinue reading “The necessity of ‘awkward silence’”
  • 12 months on
    On a warm weekend at the end of February 2021, I returned to the Macquarie Marshes to spend a night on “Burrima” – almost 12 months to the weekend since I made my first field recording trip. READ Silent symphony: the “Burrima” baseline, February 2020 I have a sharp memory of that first visit, campingContinue reading “12 months on”

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Every story told invites connection. By contributing to an ecoPULSE project, you’re sharing your story not just with the project collaborators and partners, but with the world.

ecoPulse is always looking for contributions from communities, individuals, organisations to sharing the stories through digital media presentations.


ecoPULSE projects allow people from all walks of life to invest in art projects that contribute to conversations about our future.

In Australia, we use the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) to raise project funds through tax-deductible donations. We have about 50 generous individuals who have invested in our projects over the past three years through ACF.

For those unable to donate to ecoPULSE via our Australian Cultural Fund campaign platform, you can become an ecoPULSE Patron via Patreon (Patreon take 8% + A$1.50 to PayPal). Either way, we appreciate our donors and love to keep you in touch with updates on projects and invitations to our events and exhibitions.

Our projects are funded through a combination of self-raised funds, crowdfunding support by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund, and Government grants.

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the lands on which we work across Australia and other First Nations countries, and we pay my respects to Elders past, present and those yet to emerge. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land.