Inhalare Stage 1 Artist Roundtable


Inhalare/ breathe upon is a project that aims to transform familiar landscapes into unfamiliar territories, allowing those who encounter the works to be transported. In stages, 12 regionally-based artists of NSW will explore natural environments close to home to develop soundscapes, writings, and visual works capturing deep connections and hidden layers, allowing our imaginations to explore those environments that sustain us during times of restricted movement. This project responds directly to the impact of COVID on regional creative life in 2021. Stage 1 of this project has been funded through a Create NSW COVID Development Grant.

An artist talk is being hosted by Orana Arts, where the Stage 1 artists will discuss their interest in the project and what it’s meant to collaborate remotely. Stage 2 artists will be announced at this event.

Mosses + Marshes
International Panel Discussion

As part of the Mosses + Marshes project, an international panel discussion was held in partnership with Dubbo Regional Council on 11 November 2021, bringing together a group of natural resource managers, scientists, academics, and cultural consultants from Australia and the UK with a wealth of experience in land and natural resource management issues. The panel considered alternative ways of thinking about, understanding and valuing special environments to help inform and shape their future, with a focus on the Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses (UK) and the Macquarie Marshes (Australia).

This event was just the start of many more conversations to come. We expect these discussions to continue online and offline in our communities and globally. We’ll continue to facilitate opportunities to bring other voices into the conversation. You can also follow us on Instagram at Goldsmith’s Studio and Andrew Howe.

WATCH THE PANEL EVENT VIDEO + BECOME PART OF THE CONVERSATION – click on the Values. Voices. Action. button below.

Tim Hosking (AU)
Kate Mildner (AU)
Fleur and Laurance Magick Dennis, Milan Dhiiyaan (AU)
Dave Pritchard (UK)
Dr Tim Acott (UK)
Robert Duff (UK) – replacing Dr Joan Daniels

In Australia, this event has been assisted with funding by Dubbo Regional Council, the NSW Government through Create NSW, and the Australian Cultural Fund, supported by Orana Arts.

In the UK, the event is being supported by Arts Council England, Natural England and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.