Sonic Territories

Sonic Territories projects are centred on sound — sampling sound, imagining sound, creating narratives around sound that reimagine spaces and places. This body of work evolved from an international (Arts) Territory Exchange collaboration with German artist Didi Hock in 2017, called Fictional Territories #01, a mix of sound sketches from our “home grounds” into a sonorous piece of fiction. The result was a territory that can’t be defined, but a definition of territory as an area of creativity, with the territory emerging in the active experience of listening. Other Sonic Territory works can be heard here.

Sonic Territories: Galari

Recording sound on the Lachlan River

Sampling sounds (and video) from the headwaters of the Galari/Lachlan River to the Great Cumbung Swamp, Sonic Territories: Galari investigates the development of the river from pre-colonial to contemporary times, giving the river a voice in the process.

Acknowledging the ‘politics’ of developing and managing the river today, the project focuses on the connections communities the length of the Galari have to the river (through storytelling), central to finding common ground and visioning a share future, despite the complexities.

Recording sites have, to date, have included Wyangala Dam to Darbys Falls, Oxley and the Great Cumbung Swamp. The project is ongoing (pending funding).

The first work from this project has been created in the form of a 5.5 minute video and multi-track soundscape titled Galari: Cry me a river (2022) – still images below.

Have you got a story to tell about the river? Contact Kim about sharing your story.

This project has been made possible thanks to a 2020 residency at the CORRIDOR project.

As I travel the length of the Galari/Lachlan River, from the headwaters near Breadalbane to the Great Cumbung Swamp near Oxley, I pay my respects to the Elders of the Wiradyuri Nation and neighbouring Nations – past, present and emerging, for whom the Galari was and is so culturally significant.